With a combination of production machinery for the heavy work, and old world hand tools for the detail work, wood is transformed from lumber to furniture.  The furniture designed for your sacred space.

Our designs are OUR designs.  We arrive at them together.  Erich Thompson is your partner in bringing a design from invisible concept to visible rendering. He brings a wealth of experience and an eye for choosing and shaping wood.  When we can see it together we make better choices.  Your satisfaction is his objective.

Erich Thompson made his chancel furniture debut at Montreat Conference Center in North Carolina.  It started with the signature baptismal font, then a processional cross.  The suite was completed with the communion table and pulpit in 2004.  Congregations from across the country have seen his work there and taken home word of his worship furniture designs.  His furniture is now seen in worship spaces across the Eastern United States.

The furniture is not only beautiful, but congregations enjoy the opportunity to fine-tune his designs, or collaborate on new ones especially for their sacred space.  Having served as pastor over two decades, he knows how furniture facilitates or impedes with worship leadership.  He is able to lead clients through theological as well as aesthetic considerations in design. Call Erich to begin exploring your worship space project​

“Congregations like the novelty of a preacher putting his heart and soul into church furniture. The churches knew... his creations would be unlike anything ordered from a church furniture catalog.”


Rabbi Eli Havivi

Beth David Synangogue, Greensboro, NC

Crafting Furnishings for your sacred space

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About Erich




Making changes to your sanctuary is at once exciting and frightening.  Erich Thompson has worked not only in design, but in worship leadership.  He knows not only how to design in a style you desire, but he knows what will support effective worship leadership.  Rather than supplying off the rack solutions, he listens to you and works with you.

Have you looked for that certain something you want, only to discover you can't find it?  While we have pictures of what we have done, and can do them again if that's what's right for you...
Our real strength is working with you to draw you out; to listen to your needs, your vision and give expression to your ideas, hopes and theology.  

Erich is dedicated to providing you with design ideas, approaches and solutions that draw on on an unusual variety of experiences.  His designs reflect a lifetime of interest in and study of historic designs. His work as a graphic artist and as a skilled woodworker broaden the palate of possibilities on which he draws. Unlike most builder, he allows the designs to develop first. Only then does he bring the strength and durability of traditional techniques to the grace and novelty of those designs.