Hearing Your Vision

As we talk about your vision for mission and what kinds of concepts you want to embody in your furnishings, I get to measure your interaction, and so get a more dynamic idea of you and your ministry than any mission or vision statement can capture.  This allows me to give weight to various design elements

The Processes and Scheduling

In its present form, mine is a one man shop. Though I have occasional help, the whole process from design to finish is the work of one person.

The best time to start our work is when you start planning the other parts of your remodeling or building project. I typically have a queue of work that stretches from 10-18 months.  While this means that last minute requests do not usually find fulfillment, it does give us time to plan.

Drawings To Establish Our Target

As with journeys other than that of Abram and Sarai, we need to agree on a destination. Your words, and perhaps sketches, provide me with a sense of your hopes and objectives.  My first drawings will be to allow you to see if I have captured your ideas, hopes, and intentions. 

Scheduling Delivery

Unlike Amazon, free delivery is not included in our agreement.  This is not a mass produced item.  Care must be taken in getting it to its new home. Many congregations find that delivery is an area of cost savings. Some have flown in and rented a truck to drive it back.  Some have asked parishioners on vacation to pick up a piece or two while they are in the area. Some have met me half way for a hand off.  And others have asked me to drive out the pieces and flown me back. Transportation is an area where many congregations have gotten creative.

Site Visit

After initial conversation, and finding that we might work well together, I typically like to schedule a site visit.  Often times this will be over a weekend.  This allows me an opportunity to see your space and how you use it.  I can better appreciate its opportunities and the limitations. I can see what is there, but just as importantly I can see what is not there, or what might be emphasized.  

Later drawings redirect or refine those efforts.  Final drawings give us our road map. 

Crafting Furnishings for your sacred space

Establishing Price and Schedule

Only after we agree on where we are headed will we know how long it will take and how much it will cost. If the concept is right and cost is too much, then we can make adjustments in various details to bring it into a realm that is manageable for your congregation. Once we come to an agreement, we can book the next available shop time. The booking is confirmed with a 40% deposit, half of which is non-refundable.

Fabrication and Construction of Furnishings

When the time comes to commence your project, the next several weeks or months are spent fabricating and detailing all the parts that will make your furnishings the unique expression of your community. Fine fitting adjustments are done by hand with planes and carving chisels. Finally the suite is fully assembled and finished.

Phone or Email

This ministry is not about selling.  It is about problem solving and spiritual expression. Please feel free to call or email.  I answer my own phone and messages.  The only response you get will be from me. I find that phone calls and email are often the quickest way to work.